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Maximum Comfort

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Comfort is often overlooked when creating a vintage quality instrument.

Many of the early features sounded good and had their own vibe, but in a time when rock and roll was in its early stages, guitarists adjusted themselves to the guitar.

Today, when modern playing is somewhat more complex due to fusion of styles, comfort is crucial.

Body and Contours

Look closely, and you will see some extra rounding on each body curve, all done by hand.

Our top grade 100% nitro finish feels extra pleasant to the touch.

Neck and Fingerboard

All of our neck shapes are modified for extreme comfort and not simply replicas of old guitars.

Our oval C Standard neck shape is really a wonder and remains a top choice by our clients.

The back of the neck gets a special treatment where we create an almost non visible lacquer free area with a special oil and coloration treatment. This allows for an “ever smooth” neck.

Customers can also choose a relic option where the back of the neck has a worn, lacquer free area.

Maple fingerboards get a special front treatment for anti-stickiness and the lacquer is applied extremely thinly.

All frets edges are hand rolled after precise human leveling and highly polished for a mirror shine look.


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