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Fret wire options

Over the years, we've used many types of fret wire of various manufacturers.

Currently, we mostly use Jescar fret wire.



The standard fret type we use on the Stinger model is Jescar 47090. They considered as medium width and height.

Height: 1.193mm (.047"), Width: 2.286mm (.090")


Classic design models (Heartbreakers, S-Classic, T-Classic):

The standard fret type we use on the classic design models is Jescar 55090 (6105 specs). They considered medium/high frets.

Height: 1.397mm (.055"), Width: 2.286mm (.090")


Optional Fretwires:

Jescar 57110 Jumbo (6100 specs)

Height: 1.447mm (.057"), Width: 2.794mm (.110")


Jescar 55090 Stainless Steel (6105 specs)

Height: 1.397mm (.055"), Width: 2.286mm (.090")


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