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Heartbreaker NEO RB (Ringless Buckers)

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Introducing our Humbucker version of the Heartbreaker NEO RB.

We took this configuration to the next level with a new, sonically rich design that brings another layer to the well-known Humbucker sound.

Our perfectly balanced pickups provide a rich, resonating sound that still maintains distinct clarity. This prevents sounds from becoming muddled and stands the Heartbreaker NEO RB out from the others of a similar class.

Further, we have eliminated the need for pickup rings (the rectangular material around the pickups) by attaching the pickups to the body; this creates a better sounding acoustic environment for increased precision and punch.

Visually, this creates a slick, never seen before design as the pickups appear to be floating from the top of the guitar.

Thanks to its incorporated RVT System that ensures a perfect wood and electronic matching.


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