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Superlight S-Classic, Transparent White 3.18kg / 7.01lbs

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We are proud to recreate the mighty S design and bring new life to this iconic guitar.
If you are interested in vintage sounding instruments, look no further. Macmull S Type Guitars will get you that elusive era of tone with their increased attack, balance and midrange emphasis.
The perfectly matched body and neck, combined with our sought-after pickups and state of the art electronics, results in an authentic vintage tone.
Each guitar is a wonder thanks to our break through RVT System for a perfect wood and electronic matching.

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Neck Profile:

Nut Width: Narrow Spacing 40.9mm, 21th fret 55.6mm

*Actual measurements may vary slightly due to hand-sanding and finishing variables.

Aging: Super Soft Relic

A guitar that’s been used lightly for a more broken in feeling. On top of oxidized metal parts and finish checking, some minor dings and scratches and light belt marks Just to make you more at home..

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