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Private Stock Heartbreaker P90's 3.26kg / 7.19lbs

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The Heartbreaker is the result of rigorous research and expert craftsmanship, brought tougher to bring the best possible guitar we can make.
The Heartbreaker may have familiar lines, but every aspect of the guitar has been altered and “remastered” for a truly “after mix” sound.
A set of special single coil pickups in the Heartbreaker will remind you what is so special about vintage sound. These are made individually for each guitar to support its tonal characters resulting a guitar with more clarity, attack and balance.
The Heartbreaker will easily appeal to any T-type enthusiasts who are looking for a more refined and musically rich instrument. With their very tight bass and complex mids, these guitars sound like an old record on your favorite turn table.
All of our knowledge and devotion are built inside, and built to last.

Combined with our RVT Matching System, and beautiful custom colors, these guitars are designed to provide outstanding sonic results and professional quality.

[tab name='Detailed Specs']
Neck Profile:

Nut Width: 42mm (1.65")

*Actual measurements may vary slightly due to hand-sanding and finishing variables.

Aging: Soft Relic

A guitar that’s been used lightly for a more broken in feeling. On top of oxidized metal parts and finish checking, some minor dings and scratches and light belt marks Just to make you more at home..

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Shipping Courier:

We use DHL express worldwide to ensure the fastest and safest shipping time.

Expected Taxes:

United States: Tax-Free
Canada: GST + PST
EU Countries: Local VAT
Switzerland: Local VAT
Australia: GST + 5% Customs duties
Japan: Consumption Tax

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