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Heartbreaker NEO, Vintage Burst

As a part of our desire to explore new territories of sound, we are proud to introduce the Heartbreaker NEO. Presented in 3 different configurations.

The NEO series retain the Macmull vintage sound and add our latest discoveries, allowing us to think outside the classic design boundaries.

The new body route with its ground plate let us control the relationships even further than before, allowing for a clearer electronics response and improved wood vibration.

Look inside the back-plate and you’ll find a filtering metal board (specially formulated) allowing greater clarity and attack.

This design looks clean and prestigious and contributes to the overall pickup sound.

Innovation starts from within, and we design our guitar from the ground up. That said, there is a new design for the potentiometer/pickup switch layout and gorgeous new pickguard enhancing the overall look that fits our trademark headstock.

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Neck Profile:

Nut Width: 42mm (1.65")

*Actual measurements may vary slightly due to hand-sanding and finishing variables.

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